Jun 11

Where the Shadows Lie

Track 11 from my Lord of the Metal Rings album: The theme of Mordor/Sauron. This video upload happens to coincide with the unfortunate death of Sir Christopher Lee, so I dedicate this track and video to him and his amazing performance of Saruman.

May 05

Hope is Kindled

‘Lighting the Beacons’ was one of my favourite pieces of music from the LOTR trilogy and I tried to do it justice with this metal arrangement. (Damn those string parts were tricky to learn!)

Apr 25

Rock and Stone

Track 9 from Lord of the Metal Rings is done. The original theme is called ‘Natures Reclamation’ (AKA the last march of the ents)

Apr 15

Forth Eorlingas

Track 8 from Lord of the Metal Rings is complete: the theme of Rohan.

Apr 07

Wise and Immortal

Track 7 from Lord of the Metal Rings is here: the themes of the Elves. Bows and arrows at the ready!

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