Scott Houghton a.k.a “Sbeast” is a composer, cover artist and guitarist from England. His interest in music first began with his first guitar around 14 years ago. Since then, his passion and talent for all aspects of music has continued to grow. He is a proficient guitar player and has achieved a pass with merit …

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Credits Welcome to my Credits page. I will keep this updated with any credits, press, quotes, interviews e.t.c Games/Mods Quetoo I composed a electronic/rock song for a free, open source standalone first person shooter video game based on id Tech2 and inspired by the Quake series. OpenRA My arrangement of music from Command & Conquer …

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Frequently Asked Questions Here are the questions I get asked the most and I have added in a few more to address any other questions that people may have. If you have more questions that are not answered here, ask below in the comments! What equipment do you use? My Current setup is: Ibanez RG320, …

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