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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions I get asked the most and I have added in a few more to address any other questions that people may have. If you have more questions that are not answered here, ask below in the comments!

What equipment do you use?

My Current setup is: Ibanez RG 320, Pod X3 Pro, Apple Mac, Logic Express 8, Samsung HMX R10. (Marshall 100 DFX for older recordings).

Can I use your music/videos?

I allow people to use my music for non-commercial uses (E.g. youtube video, flash animation, free game mod) as long as you credit me. Something like Music by Sbeast (youtube.com/sbeast64). I do not give permission to download and reupload my videos unless I state otherwise.

What guitar tuning and string gauge do you use?

Tuning: D Standard (DGCFAD) | String Gauge: Regular light (10-46)

Do you take song requests?

I have many songs that I already plan to do so I can’t guarantee I will be able to make your request. But feel free to suggest them anyway as I read all the comments I receive.

Can you make tabs for Song X?

I try to make tabs for some of my songs, but its pretty time consuming and I would rather be making more music. But if I get enough requests for a particular song then I most likely will.

How long have you been playing the guitar?

Around 11 years.

Can you give any tips on learning to play guitar?

The best advice you will ever receive: Practice.

What program do you use to create your videos?

I used Windows Movie Maker for my older videos and iMovie 11 on my more recent videos.

Are you songs ‘live’ or ‘pre-recorded’?

I have tried both methods. My Skyrim Cover is an example of live recorded guitar, whereas my Xmas Metal Medley I recorded the song first, then filmed the video after.

How do you make the drums and bass?

In my recording software called ‘Logic’, I use the EXS24 instrument which comes with the software.

When will Lord of the Metal Rings going be released?

There is no official release date right now. But you can follow the progress here.

Any Recommended Software/Plugins/Apps/Websites

  • Firefox / Google Chrome – Internet browser

  • Audacity – Free audio editor
  • Free sound – Free sound samples
  • Max – Free audio converter
  • Reaper – Free digital audio workstation (I don’t use it, but I hear it’s a good place to start.
  • Audio Tuts – Audio Tutorials (Mostly free to access, some are members only.)
  • Gimp – Free image editor (I use for my album artwork and logo’s)
  • VLC – Free video player
  • OCRemix – Game Remix Community