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  1. Yamazaki2k

    When you have some time I suggest you put your own spin on this Mega Man X theme:

    It lends itself well to metal already, please give it a listen.

  2. Reemiip

    Hey man. We’re running a small web radio and we currently have your music in our playlists.

    I wanted to know if you’re OK with this? ^^

    tyty, love your music!

  3. Mari

    Hi there. Where do you find the tabs for your songs?
    You’re awesome, I dig you!!

    1. sbeast

      Some songs I work out by ear, and others I find tabs for. is a site I use a lot.

  4. Eddie

    You are absolutely amazing. I want to learn guitar because of you. If you release highest quality versions of your LOTR music, I will buy it in a heartbeat.

    1. sbeast

      Thanks for the support and glad to hear your taking up guitar! The LOTR album will be released for free when it’s completed.

  5. Mettaricana

    i’d love to hear your version of this song beyond the collesium from demons crest

  6. kyle

    dude, you rule. where are you from? message me at my email, [email protected]. you should be melting faces right this minute

  7. Toby

    I have a song suggestion (or two):

    Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X

    And also maybe a lesser known song called “Entering the Stronghold” by a composer named Denny Scneidemesser (you can find it on youtube)

  8. Dina

    Where can I get this shirt “you cannot pass” which you wore in “one ring to rule them all”? 😉

    1. sbeast

      I bought it from an ebay seller called “volcanorabbitshirts”

  9. billy ross

    yo, what camera do you use?

  10. Andrew

    Hey, I’m wondering if you are able to release the Sons of Skyrim backing track with just the drums? No backing guitars, just the drums? Thanks, and rock on!

  11. Armin

    Very good ideas, good playing, good mixing and awesome drum-programming! Thank you, you’ve made my day!!

  12. Vince

    Hey, I love your music. I play guitar myself, but I’m not savvy enough to ever imagine downloading the tabs and giving it a go. I was wondering if I could get the mp3 file of your cover of Techno Syndrome. Whether or not you can, thanks in advance(:

  13. juan

    I was wondering if you can talk a little about what gear do you use for your recordings,
    your guitar sounds great! very powerful!

    1. sbeast

      I list my equipment here:

      I use my Pod X3 Pro for my guitar sounds.

  14. Tyler

    Hey man your music is great. Mind sending me the tab for the skyrim theme? I’d appreciate it man!

    1. sbeast

      Go to my covers page:

      It’s to the right of the song “Dragonborn”

  15. Matt

    Um i dnt know if ur gunna take this the wrong way but in the rohan thing u may have the backing guitar wrong in “The kings of the Golden halls” it goes down as the lead goes up to create more harmony atm uv got it following it i dunno maybe its just me and im not saying this as an insult ur the best fucking guitarist iv seen just thought u might want to know. this is purely constructive critism

    1. sbeast

      I don’t mind people giving constructive criticism, that’s a good thing. I’ve listened back to it and I’m not sure what part your referring too.

  16. Billy Ross

    Hey there i have been listening to your stuff and..well. FUCK ME! im very very impressed!! why aint your shit on itunes man? when i get the money i am donating you a nice crisp £10. very well done on your rearrngements. they are EPIC!

    1. sbeast

      Mmm crisp. I’m happy giving my covers away for free right now, but I have plans for some albums later down the road that I could sell.

      1. billy

        just donated! 😀 fucking love the song of storms in the zelda medley!!! SO EPIC!!!

  17. Jimmy

    How would I go about downloading these without getting quicktime pro?

    1. Jimmy

      Nevermind. I figured it out. I should learn to read some time.

  18. L3X

    no two ways about it, lord of the rings, harry potter, and skyrim, all of which u done a credit to. you should be famous by now !!!!

  19. quina2525

    Hey just wanted to say your material is awesome, i love Galactic Warfare, any chance you could do some more Sci-fi stuff or Sci-fi themed cover?

    What do you use for your bass and drums?

    Actually got me into music again ^_^


  20. Martijn

    Hey there, I LOVE your music, but I have a question 🙂
    Would you mind me sending your tab from “Shire folk”
    I would really love to learn to play that !

    1. sbeast

      I don’t have tabs for the Lord of the Rings songs right now. But I may make some, once the album is complete.

    2. Ollie

      I would also really like that so I’ll stick around for when you’ve finished

  21. OverKillGama

    would love the tabs for your skyrim remix, it’s so hard to find any of it, and this is the best version I’ve heard

  22. lewis

    please please do a tab for the classical metal melody i wud love u for ever =]

  23. suit

    why don’t you use flattr? 🙂

  24. TDoug

    Hey quick question about your songs. What tuning are you using for most of your songs?

    1. sbeast

      Good question, I use D Standard tuning.

      1. TDoug

        Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to play by ear and couldnt get the tuning correct. Keep up the awesome work!!

  25. sbeast

    Feel free to leave suggestions for the website or any problems you are experiencing.

    1. Nick

      Just need tabs for more songs. You’re a tremendous player dude. Keep it up. I would really like a tab for “Submerged Serenity”

      1. sbeast

        Thanks for the support. I don’t have a tab for that song right now, but I intend to make one in the future.

        1. Nick

          Cool, thanks. Keep it up dude.

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