Guitar Teaching

Guitar Teaching

Thinking of learning the guitar? Already started but want to take your playing to the next level? Then I can tailor my lessons to your level and goals.

Topics covered

Guitar setup
Names of strings and notes
Sheet music / Guitar Tablature
Scales and Modes
Basic Techniques – Bends, slides, natural harmonics, palm muting, alternate picking, vibrato
Advanced Techniques – Tapping, sweep picking, pinched harmonics, string skipping


Rockschool Guitar Grade 8 (2016)
Performing Musician Diploma (2008)
A Level in Music Technology (2007)
GCSE in Music (2005)

RockSchool Profile


I have over 15 years guitar playing experience, Grade 8 in Guitar, a Performing Musician Diploma, an A Level in Music Technology and a GCSE in Music. I have also played in 5 bands before and am currently looking for my next one.


£15 for 30 mins
£25 for 60 mins

You can book as many or as few lessons as you would like.

Contact Information

Based in Essex, England.
Email – [email protected]

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