Jan 26

Internet Censorship

I have recently found out about several Bills that are being discussed around the world concerning censorship on the Internet. For those who are unaware of them, I recommend finding out about: PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and CISPA. These bills could change how the internet works and potentially affect many great sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr e.t.c

Considering that I use these sites, it could also affect me and my ability to share music with other people around the world so I am taking a personal interest in these Bills. On 18th of January 2012 I changed all my youtube videos to private for 24 hours to give people an idea of what could happen if these Bills pass. I hope it also raised awareness about these issues.

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  1. ACTA is stricter than SOPA as it not only will limit our web liberties but will also affect whatever we pay money for, what we eat and what we can do. Almost anyone could turn into a a criminal right away with this.

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