Nov 04

Just do it

Lesson – The importance of self-discipline and motivation

Shia LaBeouf – Just do it

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years it’s the importance of self-discipline and how more often that not in life, having a ‘just do it’ attitude towards solving your problems, facing fears or working towards goals is the best approach to take. Shia LaBeouf encapsulates this mentality perfectly in his recent viral video which has been remixed and parodied many times already. The above video is an inspiring and humorous remix by youtube user Envane.

A common theme amongst recovery from many mental health problems is about facing fears, coming out of your comfort zone and trying to progress your life despite the difficulties. In life people may be tempted to avoid situations, suppress uncomfortable feelings, numb negative emotions or all together give up. I know exact what this is like, and every time I was able to muster up the courage and face my problems and work towards my goals I always made progress and felt better for it. This whole concept applies to a whole myriad of life problems people might face, shame, guilt, fear, loss of hope, lack of confidence, low self-esteem e.t.c. The solution nearly always follows the same pattern, move in the direction of most resistance and keep going until you ‘overcome’ it. Progress is rarely easy, and recovery from major problems will be more difficult, but both are entirely possible and cultivating motivation and discipline will enable you improve your life in just about every way.

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