Music Reviews

Music Reviews

Welcome! This blog is about me reviewing music from both up and coming bands, classic albums, video game and film soundtracks. Hopefully this will allow other people to discover music that they haven’t heard before and help promote the composers/artists. It will also help me better appreciate different types of music and perhaps learn new things that I hadn’t thought of before. If you discover an artist/album that you both like and were previously unaware of, please help support this blog by linking them back here and letting them know where you first discovered them. Also if you are either a fan of an album or an artist looking to promote their latest release drop me a message and I may get around to reviewing it. I currently have 20,000 + followers/fans on youtube, and many visit this site from time to time.

In each of my reviews, while clearly my own opinion and to an extent subjective, try to follow basic guidelines of reviewing something. They fall into certain categories which I then evaluate at the end and take into account the positives and the negatives. I give a score out of 10, as accurately as possible. So don’t take these reviews as the be all and end all of quality but rather a basic overview of what to expect.

Here is how my reviews are typically laid out.

Description – Album type, album name, artist name, genre, release date

Review – General overview of the album including subcategories such as ‘genre/style’, ‘arrangement’, ‘instrumentation’, ‘production’ , ‘criticism’.

Album Highlights – Several of best songs with brief description as to why.

Rating – I give my scores out of 10? General criteria: arrangement, production, performance, creativity, authenticity. I give extra credit where I get the impression the artist really tried to make something great and put a great deal of effort into it.

Links – Links to find out more about the album and artist being reviewed.


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