Metal Covers

Metal covers of various songs from video games and films.

Lord of the Metal Rings

My metal arrangement album: “Lord of the Metal Rings”

Zelda Metal

My in progress Zelda Metal Cover album. Only 2 songs have been completed so far, but I plan to complete the rest of the album in the near future.

Lambda Wars

Music for the Mod Lambda Wars


Here you can download some of my music as free mp3’s. You can use these for any non-commercial uses (youtube video, personal website, flash animation, free game mod e.t.c) as long as you credit me. (To download, right click the song name, then “save-as”.) If you enjoy my music, please consider supporting me by donating, …

Lambda Wars

Info “Lambda Wars” (previously named “Half-Life 2: Wars”) is a modification based on the game Half Life 2. It completely changes the way the game is played by turning it into a Real Time Strategy game. The mod is currently in it’s beta stage, but with over 1,100,000 visits on ModDb and updates being made …

Lord of the Metal Rings

Introduction “Lord of the Metal Rings” is an arrangement album of music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The album has 12 tracks of music from all three films and has been arranged in a a metal/rock style. Think Sauron with a flying V, Uruk Hai playing blast beats, Hobbits doing Pete Townsend slides…you …