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Lambda Wars


“Lambda Wars” (previously named “Half-Life 2: Wars”) is a modification based on the game Half Life 2. It completely changes the way the game is played by turning it into a Real Time Strategy game. The mod is currently in it’s beta stage, but with over 1,100,000 visits on ModDb and updates being made all the time, it is making great progress. It was in the top 10 Mods for both 2008 and 2010. It also won the editors choice for mod of the year 2014.

I have been the composer of the mod since early 2010. I also help to design and implement sound effects and occasionally beta test.



Official Website
Half Life 2: Wars Development Videos
Steam Greenlight
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Steam Greenlight

Lambda Wars has recently been accepted in Valve’s Steam Greenlight program! Thanks to all who have voted and supported us.

Press / Events

So far Lambda Wars has been presented at two events so far. One was called “White Nights” and the other one was “VK fest” (fest for “festival”), a huge event held in St. Petersburg, Russia. St. Petersburg being the utmost sunny city in the world (actually it’s quite the opposite, but whatever).

More than 80 000 visitors attended the festival and more than 1.500.000 viewers watching the festival online.

For more information follow this link


My goal with the music was to write original songs that were both reminiscent of the soundtracks from Half Life 1, Half Life 2 and subsequent Episodes, but also had a fresh and new sound to them. By combining inspiration from the original soundtracks by Kelly Bailey (Valve Composer) and my own original creative input, I have arrived with the songs today.


Now is the Hour A song to represent the uprising of the resistance faction. It starts off very atmospheric with few textures and sounds. Then builds up towards a pumping beat with drums, bass and synthesizers
A New Revolution This song was written to represent the revolution taking place by the Resistance faction, as they begin to fight back against the Combine forces. The song is a fast paced, beat driven song with the main focus on the drum beat and dissonant, rhythmic bassline. It also features distorted electric guitars, synth pads, synth leads and other percussion.
Endangered Specimen This song was initially made as a dynamic music test which had several levels of intensity. But I decided to have it as a normal song which continued to build in layers as it progressed.
Glowstick Intially this song was meant be an “Antlion” themed battle song. It uses synth leads and synth pads to create an Alien-esque atmosphere, with pounding drums and bassline to complement it.