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Lord of the Metal Rings


“Lord of the Metal Rings” is an upcoming arrangement album of music from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The album is intended to have around 8-12 songs of music from all three films and will be performed in a a metal/rock style. Think Sauron with a flying V, Uruk Hai playing blast beats, Hobbits doing Pete Townsend slides…you get the idea. The purpose of the album is to both pay tribute to the incredible score of these films (composed by Howard Shore) and to demonstrate my own abilities in rearranging, performing, producing and advertising an album of music.

The idea was conceived in late 2010, and officially started in February 2011. The arrangement, performance and production of the album will be made entirely by “Sbeast” (that’s me). There is no official release date as of right now, because the project is still in progress. I intend to post samples of songs, give updates on the progress of the album, and perhaps ask for feedback/suggestions.

This is a Nonprofit album that will be released for free when it is completed.

The Plan

I am in the process of filming and uploading the videos to my Youtube Channel. Once all the videos have been uploaded I will then add download links for the album, along with artwork, track commentary. Because this is a free album please help by: sharing it around, like and favourite videos, embed on forums and websites e.t.c. You can also support me on Patreon for rewards!

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Tracklist (In Progress)

01 – One Ring to rule them all
The album begins with an arrangement of the ‘Ring theme’. I thought this would be a great way to open the album. There is also a short appearance of ‘Gollums theme’ and the music that plays during the Argonath scene in FOTR. I also used a sound effect of the ring hitting the ground and a distant heartbeat to add to the atmosphere of the song.

02 – Shire Folk
Track 2 is an arrangement of the music related to the Shire and the Hobbits. It’s one of the more upbeat and melodic tracks on the album.

03 – Riders in Black
‘Riders in Black’ refers to the Ringwraiths and this track combines several of the themes and motif’s used for them. It is also one of the heaviest songs on the album. I tried to emulate the violin glissando heard in the films at 2:04 and I also experimented around with a video effect at 1:47 to look like the wraith-world.

04 – The White Hand of Saruman
‘The White Hand of Saruman’ is the symbol used for the Uruk-Hai from Isengard. I recreated some of the instruments found in the original music, such as Taiko drums and a metallic percussive sound. I kept the time signature and aggression of the original music, whilst adding new riffs, harmonies and a melodic section to contrast with the other parts.

05 – Nine Companions
‘Nine Companions’ refers to the 9 members of the Fellowship. This is an arrangement of the Fellowship theme, one of the most memorable themes in all 3 films. I also included another theme that plays when the Fellowship are leaving Rivendell in the extended edition of the first film.

06 – Journey Through the Mines
‘Journey through the Mines’ is a medley of 6 different themes that play during the Fellowship’s stay in Moria: Dwarrowdelf, Balin’s Tomb, Bridge of Khazad-dum, Fellowship Theme, Balrog Approaches and Gandalf Falls. I also added a few sound effects and quotes from the film during the iconic “You cannot pass” moment. This was a great challenge to arrange but I think it turned out really well in the end.

07 – Wise and Immortal
If Track 6 was all about the Dwarves, then track 7 is all about their pointy eared counterparts – the Elves. This cover combines the themes from both Lothlorien and Rivendell and I went for a mysterious, ethereal sound in the introduction which then transitions to standard heavy metal shenanigans.

08 – Forth Eorlingas
This cover combines the main Rohan theme with Eowyn’s theme. The title is a reference to what Theoden calls out during the final charge at Helms Deep and I included the quote for good measure.

09 – Rock and Stone
This track is a cover of the ‘Nature’s Reclamation’ Theme, which plays several times in the soundtrack, but most famously when Treebeard and the Ents begin their attack on Isengard.

10 – Hope is Kindled
‘Lighting the Beacons’ was one of my favourite pieces of music from the LOTR trilogy and I tried to do it justice with this metal arrangement. Damn those string parts were tricky to learn!

11 – Where the Shadows Lie
This track is an arrangement of the Mordor/Sauron theme, also featuring Christopher Lee citing the “Verse of the Rings” poem (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPigCMnrSmk) and Sauron makes a quick Cameo too. I probably spent the longest time arranging and reiterating and ended up being my favourite track on the album.
This video upload happens to coincide with the unfortunate death of Sir Christopher Lee, so I dedicate this track and video to him and his amazing performance of Saruman.

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LOTMR Artwork