Music Composition

Need music for your next project? My main focus is composing for games, but I am also interested in composing for Film and TV. I have a wealth of experience playing, arranging and producing music. I have been playing guitar for over 15 years, have a GSCE in music, A level in Music Technology, Performing Musician Diploma, have Grade 8 (highest level) in guitar, have formed and played in several bands and have been honing my technical and creative skills ever since. I can create music in a variety of styles and moods to fit any project. You can check out my Portfolio for more information on my music. My current rate for music compositions is £30 (~$38) per minute of music, which includes as many instruments as needed, several rewrites and looped music. Email me at [email protected] or use the Contact page.

Song Examples:


Steel and Flame – An orchestral theme set in a fantasy world, conjuring the image of a heroic knight duelling with a fire breathing dragon

War is Coming – A short orchestral battle theme, which builds in intensity as layers of instruments are added

A Crusader’s Tale – An epic orchestral theme which could be used in a fantasy video game or film

Breath of the Wind – A melodic, orchestral piece originally composed to be used for the mod “Skywind”

Flights of Fantasy – An orchestral piece great for a fantasy film or video game

A New Beginning – An orchestral, melodic theme composed with a fantasy video game or film in mind

Call to Arms – An epic orchestral battle theme for a medieval film or video game

Still Earth – A melodic, peaceful orchestral song which could be used as an exploration song for a video game

Buccaneer Bay – An orchestral track which alternates between a light, jaunty ‘pirate’ esque theme and a more melodic B section. Featuring strings, harp, brass, light percussion, and some whistling. Could be used for a level in a video game, or part of a short film.

Mysterioso – An orchestral concept theme for an imaginary film about a magician. Inspired by the films “The Illusionist” and “The Prestige”

Ode to the Fallen – A orchestral war time song in the style of ‘Fanfare for the common man” by Aaron Copland

Journey Onwards – This is an upbeat adventure/fantasy song. It combines a funky beat, catchy melody and orchestral elements. It draws inspiration from games such as The Lost Vikings, Monkey Island and Castle Crashers. It was intended to invoke imagery of the heroes setting off on their quest and adventuring out into the world

Galactic Warfare – Galactic Warfare is my take on a science-fiction/space themed song. It uses both electronic and orchestral instruments and blends 80’s electronic and futuristic styled music to set the scene for an epic space odyssey

Transmission – An original electronic song composed for the mod Lambda Wars

Infiltrate – An electronic tension song, which could be played in a stealth mission in a video game

Insight – An electronic/industrial metal song composed for “Insight” – an upcoming FPS video game

Space Exploration – An ambient, space song which features synthesised sounds and a few orchestral instruments as well

Neon Eclipse – A synthwave styled song featuring various electronic instruments and strings, reminiscent of music from the 80s

Elliptical Fusion – An upbeat and catchy electronic song featuring synths, drums and strings, composed with a futuristic arcade style of game in mind.

Dystopian Protocol – An industrial, electronic song which conjures the image of a dystopian future.

Slaying Dragons – A rock/metal track battle song
Waves of Nostalgia – A melodic, retro, chiptune styled song

The Story Isn’t Over – A melodic, funky, retro, chiptune styled song

Ethnic Jam – An ethic, world music style song featuring instruments from all around the world but in a modern, contemporary format

Tales by the Fire – A medieval inspired folk song featuring acoustic guitars, harp, bodhran, tambourine and flute

Stroll Through Town – A medieval town theme for an RPG styled game

The Rising Sun – An electronic, orchestral song with ethnic elements. Melodious and uplifting.

Music arrangements

I also make arrangements of different kinds of songs. Here’s some examples of metal arrangements of video game music.

I also have music for licensing on Audio Jungle

Guitar Session Work

I am a Grade 8 guitarist with over 15 years playing experience and can play a wide range of styles and articulations for your project. Prices are negotiable, depending on the length and complexity of parts needed.

More examples coming soon!


“Dude, you are freaking hired. I love it yet again. We love these tracks so much…”
Joseph from Studio Freedom – Game: Lilac Rebel

“Wow. This is perfect. Amazing job”
Patrick from Digital Empire Development – Game: Sol Prime

“You rock! Cool stuff man – awesome guitar tone”
Frank Klepacki – Command and Conquer Series/Dune

“I found there are many great remixes on your channel. awesome!”
Hideyuki Fukasawa – Street Fighter 4/ Marvel vs Campcom 3

“I always appreciate it when remixes at least try to stay close to my original version than the “remakes” of the song. Well played.”
Lee Jackson – Duke Nukem 3D

Nice Peter – Popular Youtuber Partner.