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Picture of Me

Scott Houghton a.k.a “Sbeast” is a composer, cover artist and guitarist from England. His interest in music first began with his first guitar around 14 years ago. Since then, his passion and talent for all aspects of music has continued to grow. He is a proficient guitar player and has achieved a pass with merit for Grade 8 Guitar. He has received several years of Music Education, and has come away with GCSE’s, A Levels and a Performing Musician Diploma.

Scott has been in several bands over the years, covering styles from punk to rock and metal. He has learnt many cover songs, contributed to writing original music for these bands, performed 50+ gigs and even had some CD’s recorded. Although he is not currently in a band, he is pursuing other areas of music and focusing on solo work.

Since 2009, using the alias “Sbeast”, he has been creating covers/remixes of songs, from video games and film, to Classical and Christmas songs. Gaining 25,000+ Subscribers and 7,300,000+ views on his Youtube Channel where he uploads some of these songs.

As well as creating covers, he has an interest in creating original music for video games, because the music from video games is one of his influences and he is a big fan of gaming in general. He decided it was a good idea to start out composing music for Mods to gain experience before aiming for commercial games. He is the composer for the mod Lambda Wars, which has been released on Steam through Valve’s Greenlight program.

Another influence for him is the music from films. In early 2011 he came up with an idea for an arrangement album based on the music from one his favourite films – The Lord of the Rings. The project aims to have a full album of metal covers of compositions by Howard Shore, that will be released to the public for free.
Scott is always looking to improve his skills, try new things and build upon his career in music.