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4 dangers that may occur if you drink too much “coffee”

Coffee, if drunk properly, can be beneficial. But if you drink too much May cause harm to the body May affect the functioning of all 4 body systems. In addition, you should drink black coffee. and should drink water accordingly To prevent dehydration and caffeine residue in the body. How

“Dengue Fever” with 4 prominent symptoms

Dengue fever is an infection caused by the dengue virus. That has Aedes mosquitoes as carry In Thailand, the dengue virus is a pathogen that causes disease. Therefore it is call Dengue Haemorrhagic Virus. It was first reported in 1958. Today, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever is found in many countries.

3 ways to stimulate freshness in the morning

In the morning I had to endure the agony of sleepiness. Most people choose to solve their problems with a cup or two of coffee. Although drinking two cups of coffee a day will not damage your health much, if you choose coffee with milk and sugar. Might gain weight and