Music Composition

Need music for your next project? My main focus is composing for games, but I am also interested in composing for Film and TV. I have a wealth of experience playing, arranging and producing music. I have been playing guitar for over 15 years, have a GSCE in music, A level in Music Technology, Performing Musician Diploma, have Grade 8 (highest level) in guitar, have formed and played in several bands and have been honing my technical and creative skills ever since. I can create music in a variety of styles and moods to fit any project. You can check out my Portfolio for more information on my music. My current rate for music compositions is £30 (~$39) per minute of music, which includes as many instruments as needed, several rewrites and looped music. Email me at [email protected] or use the Contact page.

Song Examples:

Music arrangements

I also make arrangements of different kinds of songs. Here’s some examples of metal arrangements of video game music.

Production Music Library

Guitar Session Work

I am a Grade 8 guitarist with over 15 years playing experience and can play a wide range of styles and articulations for your project. Prices are negotiable, depending on the length and complexity of parts needed.

More examples coming soon!


“Dude, you are freaking hired. I love it yet again. We love these tracks so much…”
Joseph from Studio Freedom – Game: Lilac Rebel

“Wow. This is perfect. Amazing job”
Patrick from Digital Empire Development – Game: Sol Prime

“You rock! Cool stuff man – awesome guitar tone”
Frank Klepacki – Command and Conquer Series/Dune

“I found there are many great remixes on your channel. awesome!”
Hideyuki Fukasawa – Street Fighter 4/ Marvel vs Campcom 3

“I always appreciate it when remixes at least try to stay close to my original version than the “remakes” of the song. Well played.”
Lee Jackson – Duke Nukem 3D

Nice Peter – Popular Youtuber Partner.