Atletico Madrid beats Inter Milan .

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Atletico Madrid beats Inter Milan on penalties and advances to the Champions League quarter-finals. At the Estadio Civitas Metropolitano, it was the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 between Atletico Madrid and the Giants. With the first game the Italian representative winning 1-0.

5 minutes into the game, Atletico Madrid almost took the lead quickly when Samuel Lino broke out from the left. Before hitting with his feet. But Yann Sommer tapped the end of his hand and was cut off. go

In the 13th minute, Inter countered on the right. UFABET Hakan Chalanolu stabbed Denzel Dumphries, who touched the ball into the penalty area before shooting and saving Jan Oblak. 

Played until the 28th minute, Roji Blancos came to the left, Mario Hermoso carefully crossed into the penalty area, Alvaro Morata hit hard, but the ball was directly at Yann Sommer’s body. sticky

But in the 33rd minute, the Nerazzurri took a 1-0 lead by playing on the left before Nicolo Barella hit back for Federico DiMarco to shoot emphatically past Jan Oblat. c Insert the net

However, in the 36th minute, the home team equalized 1-1. Koke lifted the ball into the penalty area, which the visiting team’s defenders didn’t block well and bounced into the path of Antoine Griezmann, who turned and shot without any remains.

In the 52nd minute of the second half. The fans in the stadium almost shouted as Marcos Llorente slapped from the right side for Antoine Griezmann to score. But the ball fell into the hands of Jann Sommer.

The game progressed to the 76th minute.

Inter almost got hurt from a long ball that went into the path of Markus Thuram. Who snatched him and pressed his right hand just over the crossbar.

Until the 87th minute, the Atletico fans cheered and the stadium almost exploded. Koke stabbed for Memphis Depay. The substitute, turned and pressed with his right hand and sent the ball into the net with no remains, 2-1.

In the last minute of added time, the home team missed an important opportunity. Antoine Griezmann cut off Rodrygo Riquelme’s shot and shot over the crossbar. The game ended with Atletico Madrid winning 2-1, drawing 2-2 on aggregate. Must add an extra 30 minutes.

In the 96th minute, Roji Blancos advanced to the left. Rodrigo Riquelme cut off for Memphis Depay to charge the ball directly at Yann Sommer. 

In the end, a penalty shootout had to be decided. It appears that Atletico Madrid did better by defeating Inter Milan 3-2.