Dragon Tiger Online is the easiest card game in the casino

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Dragon Tiger card game that we know. will be an online card game. Who opens only one card on both sides and takes the points to decide. The win and loss Most will think that this type of online game. It’s a fast and hard online game. Because there is very little time to think Therefore, it is less popular than baccarat, but seriously, this type of online card game. It is easy in itself. Learning betting options Because there are only 3 betting options. make our bets each round don’t think too much If you read the statistics well Placing our bets is not difficult at all. And also make very good money.

how to play dragon tiger online

  • Choose to bet between tiger and dragon or be a tie.
  • The dealer will deal 1 card to Dragon followed by 1 Tiger.
  • When the cards are revealed, the points from the cards that are revealed will be counted, whichever side has more points, wins.


Dragon Tiger game has a quick play, easy to understand, whether it’s easy to choose to bet and easy payout rate, so it’s a game that is very popular, but with a game style that is played continuously. From a quick game, good luck can be fast, if bad luck will run out quickly as well. Interested in playing. highly recommended. UFABET Popular online casino sites full of all promotions Surrounded by sexy girls who will be at your service 24 hours a day.