Former footballer analyzes Manchester United and Neymar deal

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Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes Erik ten Hag does not want to sign Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar Jr. Join the team in the market this summer, even if the new owners want it.

United are looking for a new striker in the transfer market. With reports of several strikers and one of them being PSG’s Brazilian footballer, the report states that he has been approached by key candidate Sheikh Yassim to take over the Red Devils as well. สมัคร ufabet

Parker said: “No, I don’t want Neymar at Man Utd, not at all, but if it did you would think of the situation that happened with Cristiano Ronaldo. get out”

“Erik ten Hag wouldn’t care about that. Which I can’t imagine why he would decide to pull a modern version of Ronaldo to join the team. And when compared to his performance, Neymar can’t even compare.

“If something doesn’t go the way he wants, It will immediately cause problems. When he plays with other people on the pitch, he causes the other players to lose discipline, which I have seen many times with PSG and the Brazilian national team.

“He likes to groan. Which I’m not saying it was intentional. But he couldn’t control himself. He couldn’t deal with losing the ball,” Parker said.