Gamecock betting methods

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gamecock betting

Fighting cock is a sport that Thai people have been popular since ancient times. Each breed of chicken is different, gambling only loses and wins. But nowadays, the world has changed gambling in traditional ways. Of gambling gamecocks come to the online world But it is still very popular as before, let’s see how to bet on playing gamecocks and understand the basics together. 
Rules for playing Gamecocks First of all. You must know that the Gamecocks will not be called raised. But can be divided into 2 main types.

1 is a professional race, 12 races, 20 minutes, 20 minutes rest,
as for the way to see which chicken does not fight, lie down, crouch and run away, if more than 3 times, lose.

2 is an amateur race, competing in 5 races, lasting 10 minutes, resting for 2 minutes. During the race, no wounds or stitches are allowed during the race.
As for the decision, it’s the same as the career line, but the addition is the chicken with the mouth dropped. And after looking too severely injured, if seen and unable to continue the race, it is considered lost.