Henry urged ‘Saka’ to show his golden body in the boat game

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Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has urged Bukayo Saka to perform well in tonight’s game against Manchester City

. “The Blues” in the Premier League game tonight

This is a betting battle for the top of the league in the great country, because City will jump past Arsenal and go up to the top of the table immediately. If they successfully grab 3 points in this game

The last time they met, Arsenal were beaten 1-0 by City in the FA Cup in January, with Henry urging Saka to put in a good performance. seen tonight

“The player I… There are actually many people that I look forward to seeing in this game. But I have to mention Bukayo Saka,” he told  UFABET.

Ahead of the highly-anticipated match in north London, Arsenal legend Henry has lauded Hale End academy graduate Saka, claiming that his penalty miss during the Euro 2020 final has been the making of him as a player. Previewing the game on UFABET, the Frenchman said: “There’s so many players that I am actually looking forward to seeing in that game but I’m going to have to mention Bukayo Saka.

“Why? Because of his comeback from the Euros after missing that penalty. From then on, he was never the same again. And I just want the team to win. But I want him to play well in this game, play well until the end of the season. and a player who can decide the game.”