‘Nani’ disagrees, raises herself in comparison Ronaldo

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Former Manchester United striker Luis Nani admits it was inappropriate to compare him to Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting he supports the senior player’s decision to move to the Spanish capital. Saudi Arabian

Nani rose through the youth ranks at Sporting Lisbon before joining United in 2007, joining Ronaldo’s path to world class success.

That caused them to be compared to each other. The two played together for the Red Devils before Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009 and Nani moved to Fenerbahce in 2015 when questioned about the comparison between them

. He and Ronaldo, Nani, told  UFABET : “I hear a lot of comparisons like that. But it doesn’t make much sense ′

′ It’s good to be compared to someone special. But I have my own style.”

“Fortunately I had some great seasons in England, but at Valencia it wasn’t so good because of injuries. But when I play well, I have goals and assists.”

In addition, Nani also answered a question about Ronaldo’s decision to move to Saudi Arabia. “Everybody does what they want for (Lionel) Messi and Ronaldo whatever they decide, is it for the money? It’s his right ′

′ We have to support their decision. Because today we can say that We have witnessed extraordinary moments in the world of football. it was because of them They inspired so many people, they continue to do so. And where football has progressed, it is because of them.