Onana believes he can help Manchester United as well as he did at Inter.

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Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana is confident he can continue his great form to help the club like his successful stint with Inter Milan.

    Cameroon national team goalkeeper Has been heavily criticized ever since he came to play at Old Trafford. But he is confident that everything will go as well as when he played with the “Big Snake”.

    “It is too big like a dream. I come from a poor family. We have almost nothing. I started playing football with a friend in Cameroon and I didn’t expect it to be a career.” Onana told Sky Sport Italia ทางเข้า UFABET 

    “The truth is that it is something very big. I have worked my whole life to be here and I am extremely proud to represent Manchester United and wear this great shirt. Mistakes are part of practice. People have high hopes from me. This is the reason why I receive a lot of criticism.”

    “Manchester United is a bigger club and people have high expectations. But I am confident that I can do everything well. We will smile like what happened at Inter, there are people who don’t believe in us. (Last season) but then we proved we could do it. And I’m very happy. with our success last season”

    “For now my future is at Manchester United. We have to stand firm and do well. These moments happen and we must face them. Both good and bad do not last forever.”