‘Tonali’ Fung already knows where the chicken will come from

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AC Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali has revealed that they already know how Tottenham Hotspur will play in tonight’s game. “Golden Spur Chicken” with a score of 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 teams from the only goal of Brahim Diaz, Christian Romero had a chance to be sent a

red card from the field due to a collision with Tonali. The second half of the game But the Italian midfielder insists he is safe. Ready to reveal that They already know how Tottenham will play and have prepared well.

“I had my ankles bandaged before the foul. But I’m okay I’m used to collisions already,” he told  UFABET.

“This was playing at the level of intensity we expected. It may have some mistakes. But we have to play intensely and show our values ​​on the pitch. We all gave 100 per cent and we were happy. Although we may be able to do more later. Winning the Champions League is always a good thing

. But that’s in the past. We can only look forward, we are Milan and look forward to the next game

. We move differently in this system. But you know there will be more people in the defense to help the team when the pressure is on. We feel extra safe ′

′ Kane is the first problem we face in every movement of Tottenham, we need to block him. and then press other players.”

“We are preparing for a number of their moves. And we did as we prepared in training. We already knew what they were going to do.”