Wenger tells Chelsea to play differently with Haaland

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Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes Manchester City have changed their way of playing with Erling Haaland in the squad

. Impressive stats following his move from Borussia Dortmund last summer, scoring 31 goals in 29 appearances in all competitions

. of the Premier League this season After netting 25 goals, he continues to be criticized for making City a worse team. “The word bad might sound harsh, but he made Manchester City a different team,” he told  UFABET Sport.

Instead, he explained his theory that City are “different” with the Norwegian leading the line and outlined the tactical differences he has noticed with him in the team as they prepare for a huge clash against his former club. Speaking to beIN Sport, the Frenchman said: “Poor is maybe a big word.

“He makes Manchester City a different team. A different team, why? Because now with Haaland they win the ball a little less quickly back and when they win the ball they go more quickly to find him.

How is it a different team? Because now with Haaland they get the ball back a little bit slower. and when the ball They sent it to him quickly ′′

Before, they were quite patient in the transition. and may coordinate with more patience play shorter And use a different technique ′

′ Nowadays, they rely on crosses to get the ball to Haaland more directly. We’re talking about City, you could say the same about Liverpool.