What is online gamecock betting?

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Gamecock betting If talking about many people. May have heard a lot already. Which the chicken It is a game play by the Thai people in the past. Since the reign of King Naresuan Until now, there are a lot of popular chicken stabbings. It is a royal sport in the royal court that is play for fun. But there are bets for more fun. The sport of stabbing chickens It is truly consider. The heritage of Thai people. At present, the game has been develop to play gamecock on an online website. For convenience in travel and do not have to go out of the house to play at the casino to waste time No need to pay for the same way as well. We are open for betting on chicken 24 hours a day, broadcasting live directly from the casino via mobile phone, very convenient.

The advantages and advantages of the web betting on gamecocks online with UFABET chicken betting website

  1. Direct website, playing directly with the parent company in UFABET affiliates, not through agents Opened for more than 10 years
  2. Easy to play, get real money, fast payouts within 3 minutes, have the highest financial stability.
  3. There is a staff of the Call Center team available 24 hours a day.
  4. Make a deposit-withdraw Through the automatic system, fast, instant, with 100% security
  5. Easy to use system Update the software system all the time. The system is stable, flowing smoothly, without stuttering.
  6. There is a Thai language system. and English. Supports both IOS (IOS) and Android (Android).
  7. Open for full online gambling service football betting online casino online baccarat, etc.
  8. Do not miss live football broadcasts, gamecocks, casinos from foreign casinos. and in Thailand
  9. There is a promotion for all members. Give away bonus rewards throughout the day. Win great prizes 24 hours a day.

How to play and rules for online gamecock betting

  1. before placing that bet Must bring each chicken that competes. Come to weigh and register. Complete the breed history every time.
  2. Each chicken must be compared with each other first. By height measurement and weighed to be the criteria for the competition
  3. each time of the competition Gamecocks that have competed Must wear the spur every time. The glove must be of the standard of the gamecock field.
  4. The addition of chicken wings. To the mouth must be done before the competition only.
  5. race time will be count as the number of lifts In which the number of rounds in the competition is 5 rounds, each round takes 10 minutes (given a 2 minute break).
  6. Watering chickens must have a water tray placed in their own corner only. The area inside the cockfighting field and must be the equipment for watering the chickens of the competition field only The materials that can be used in the competition are cooked rice, water, chicken feathers, but must also belong to the competition field.
  7. official competition Competitors are not allowed to do head-scrolling, eye-splitting, stitching on chicken wounds during the match or during the break, and the use of balsam is not permitted. competitive chemicals Includes a bag of chicken dope pills as well. If the referee determines that the aforementioned chemicals are being used will be settled immediately