Griezmann admits to worry about penalty shootout.

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Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann admits he was very worried when his team had to go to a penalty shootout in their latest football game.

Atletico Madrid beat Inter Milan 2-1 at home in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 last Wednesday. The results of the two matches were tied 2-2 before the Roji Blancos won 3-2 on penalties and successfully advanced to the quarter-finals UFABET

“It’s the Atletico way. We are used to it. No game goes peacefully. And you have to fight until the last drop,” Griezmann the French forward told Movistar+.

“Very worried. Last time I lost (on penalties) in the World Cup. But I trust my teammates. and beyond that We had an incredible goalkeeper (Jan Oblak) who won us the penalty shootout.

“It was an important night. I tried hard to play in the game tonight. In the morning, afternoon and tonight, we tried from the game against Athletic (Bilbao), but I couldn’t do it. Today my leg hurts from landing at the wrong time. But I’m happy.

“Fans have been at this level for a very long time. Sometimes we make mistakes. But it didn’t come from intention. We can see it from the results. When we play here we will be different because of their support. We never stop They were on the field from early evening. It is a pleasure to play on the field and with such fans.”